Frequently Asked Questions

Your head's probably racing with questions. We're here to give you answers, and help you feel more secure in the decisions you make along the path to homeownership.


Escrow/Financial Questions:

What is an escrow company and what does it do?

How much cash will I need to close escrow?

What does the title company do?

What is a real estate Purchase & Sales Agreement (PSA)?

What is an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)?

How do I select a lender and what is required of me during the loan process?

Define these lender terms: VOD, P&I, PMI

Define these agency relationships: Buyers Agent, Sellers Agent, Dual Agent

What takes place after I sign loan documents?

What are non-recurring closing costs?

What is the difference between funding and recording?

Why am I required to obtain title and hazard insurance?

Why am I required to pay a year of fire insurance in advance, while escrow collects 3 months in my impound account?

What fees are tax deductible on a new home purchase?

What if I need to sell my existing home to purchase this one?

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Home-Related Questions:

Do I need a realtor to buy an MBK home?

What is a homeowners association (HOA)?

What is the difference between hazard, homeowners and fire insurance?

What is Mello-Roos (or CFD, Community Facilities District)?

Explain is the difference between Mello-Roos and an assessment?

Can property taxes and Mello-Roos go up?

What are the advantages of buying a new home instead of a resale home?

What are CC&Rs and what purpose do they serve?

Explain the MBK method of home building.

When may I preview my home during construction?

May I have a home inspector look at my home?

When will I receive my keys and move in?

How do I purchase MBK design options?

When should I turn on my utilities?

What should I expect at the New Home Tour?

How much money should I budget for options and flooring?

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