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DENVER, February 24, 2003 - MBK Homes Ltd., a leader in the homebuilding industry in its use of technology, is the first homebuilder to go live on the recently released J.D. Edwards Homebuilder Management solution. MBK Homes was one of a select group of homebuilders to beta test the new homebuilder software.

MBK Homes' parent company, MBK Real Estate Ltd., has successfully implemented the J.D. Edwards' Real Estate Management solution to serve its remote offices for the past year and showed great interest in helping to develop Homebuilder Management as part of an exclusive J.D. Edwards customer team. "After a very successful Real Estate solution deployment and our extensive participation in the development process of the latest version of the Homebuilder product, we had great confidence that the J.D. Edwards' Homebuilder Management solution will significantly benefit our organization," said MBK Vice President for IT Paul Simon.

MBK Homes intends to take advantage of the functionality, ease of use, and flexibility built into the J.D. Edwards Homebuilder Management solution:

-- The new functionality enables homebuilders to "manage like they build" as the solution closely parallels the actual building and sales processes, allowing easy management and close monitoring of those activities.

-- The ease of use benefits, such as the intuitive navigation of the system, are achieved through the use of workbenches, designed to graphically display pertinent homebuilder-related information. The latest version of J.D. Edwards Homebuilder Management includes the Lot Workbench, Sales Workbench and Lot Start Workbench.

-- The solution offers each builder the flexibility to manage the construction process by allowing them to accommodate regional purchasing and sales practices by area or community. It also offers the opportunity to track virtually unlimited amounts of data unique to a builder's construction and sales processes.

"We have focused our collective energies on producing a world-class homebuilder solution. With the Web-based application, the addition of tools designed to better manage the customer and the business, and input from our customers in the development stage - our software offering directly addresses the requirements of our global homebuilder prospects and customers" said J.D. Edwards Vice President and General Manager of Project & Service Industries Bob Pozzobon.

J.D. Edwards partnered with The MASYC Group Inc. to design and develop the newest version of the J.D. Edwards Homebuilder Management solution. Blending both companies' homebuilding industry expertise, the development partnership created a product well suited for homebuilders of various sizes. With MBK Homes, MASYC leveraged its extensive knowledge of J.D. Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning software and proven success in the homebuilding industry to successfully implement the J.D. Edwards Homebuilder Management solution for MBK Homes.

"The MASYC Group was proud to be part of this team effort. Without J.D. Edwards' resources and leadership and the homebuilders' insights and feedback, we couldn't have done our part in developing this product," said Russell Stenquist, managing partner of The MASYC Group Inc.

"We've always considered IT to be one of our most important resources after our employees. We couldn't achieve the efficiencies inherent in our business processes without excellence in both resources," said MBK Vice President of Finance Barbara Knudsen. "It is due, in large part, to those efficiencies that our bottom line has continued to improve year after year. We see J.D. Edwards' new Homebuilder Management solution as a significant improvement for our best practices."

MBK Homes implemented their J.D. Edwards software on IBM AS400 and Intel servers using IBM DB2/400 and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

About MBK Homes
MBK Homes, Ltd. is active in the development of new for-sale housing communities catering primarily to first-time and first and second move-up homebuyers throughout Southern California. Through its "Better ways and Greater means," MBK Homes delivers quality housing that is innovative in design, comfort and craftsmanship, all at an excellent value. With more than a decade of experience constructing homes in Southern California, MBK prides itself on its ability to meet the needs of today's most discriminating homebuyers. For more information about MBK Homes, Ltd., please contact MBK Homes at 800-566-7100, or visit its Web site at

About MBK Real Estate
MBK Real Estate Ltd. and its three wholly owned subsidiaries comprise the U.S. real estate development arm of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., the world's third largest corporation. The company's core business activities include the acquisition, redevelopment and development of retail and entertainment properties, and the development and sale of for sale housing. MBK Real Estate Ltd. is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with regional offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Portland, OR. Visit MBK's Web site at

About J.D. Edwards & Company
J.D. Edwards makes customers stronger, enabling them to solve their most important business challenges. The company offers collaborative enterprise software as well as consulting, education and support services. J.D. Edwards' offerings are differentiated by a deeply ingrained attitude of listening to customers, innovating on their behalf, and delivering solutions as part of a results-oriented relationship. Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Denver, J.D. Edwards focuses on long-term business partnerships and helping its 6,600 customers in more than110 countries collaborate electronically to manage their business processes, supply chains, enterprise assets, and supplier and customer relationships. For more information: or 1-800-727-5333.

About The MASYC Group
The MASYC Group, Inc. has been providing management and information services consulting exclusively to the J.D. Edwards business community since 1987. As a J.D. Edwards Business Partner, their practice brings a deep understanding of the construction and homebuilder industries, extensive knowledge of J.D. Edwards software and proven success in managing, designing and developing complex information systems to clients nationwide. Their primary industry focus is in the Service Industries - Architecture, Real Estate, Construction, Homebuilding, Property Management, Human Resources and Contract & Service Billing. Please contact The MASYC Group, Inc. at (714) 479-0900 or visit its Web site at

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Posted on February, 24th 2003

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