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Builder Dominates, Sweeping 5 of 6 Survey Categories

IRVINE, CA - (February 19, 2010) The Eliant 2010 Home Buyers' Choice Awards were announced this week and Irvine-based homebuilder MBK Homes, a division of MBK Real Estate Ltd., was the dominant winner securing the top national award for the highest rated multi-division homebuilder based on Eliant's "Key Measures" covering quality, service and referrals.

The customer experience-focused builder also earned first-place rankings in nearly all award categories in the Large Builder Segment.

A perennial high-scorer in the Eliant survey since its inception in 1994, MBK Homes' impressive showing across the board in the 2010 awards encompasses top ratings in overall purchase experience, quality and customer service from move-in day to the one-year mark. "MBK Homes continues to stand out as a leader in the homebuilding industry, providing a high and consistent level of quality and service unmatched among large production builders," said Robert Mirman, CEO of San Clemente-based Eliant.

"While it's often possible to score well at the initial move-in during the honeymoon phase, the true test of customer service and satisfaction comes at the one year mark after people experience the reality of living in their new home." said Mirman. "It's often difficult to consistently score high over the course of a year as the move-in excitement transitions to everyday living, but MBK Homes is vigilant, dedicated and committed to the overall process of delighting customers."

MBK Homes President Tim Kane has long been a proponent of delivering an incredible home buying experience to each and every new buyer and his commitment at the top has created a systemic culture of superior service throughout the entire company.

"It's often easy to get behind a 'commitment of convenience' and score well at one point in the process or at one community or with one customer service representative," said Mirman. "For an entire company to pull together from top to bottom and outscore all other builders from the beginning of the process until the one year mark shows a true and sincere commitment by Tim Kane and all of MBK Homes to their buyers."

In this challenging housing market, many builders have used the downturn to begin a push or increase their focus on product quality and customer satisfaction, while MBK Homes has used the time to further solidify its deep-seeded commitment to customers and turn it into a true competitive advantage as evidenced by the Eliant results.

In addition to the national overall honor, MBK Homes was also the top ranked Large Builder in the Purchase Experience, Construction Experience, Customer Service Experience, Overall First Year Quality and Overall Home Purchase/Ownership Experience.

MBK also scored high in the Referral category, with results indicating that one out of every five sales for the company is the direct result of a referral. "This combination of awards and high referral rate is again a testament to MBK's experience-driven process that creates 'evangelical' home owners who essentially become members of the sales team," said Mirman.

"We are truly gratified to be recognized by our customers through the Eliant Home Buyers' Choice Awards," said Kane. "We consider our home buyers in every decision we make and at every point in the process. Our first priority is always two pronged: yes, we want to deliver a high quality home, but it must be equally paired with an unbelievable customer experience. The two must go hand in hand for our buyers to be happy and for our company to be successful."

The Eliant 2010 Home Buyers' Choice Awards announced by Eliant, a customer experience management company, in partnership with Newport Beach-based Real Estate Temps, are based on over 60,000 surveys received from across the country between January 1 and December 31, 2009. The surveys provided statistically significant ratings of 146 major homebuilders and the awards recognize home builders who continue to view the customer experience as integral to their company's success.

About MBK Homes
MBK Homes is active in the development of both attached and detached housing product, catering primarily to first-time and first and second move-up homebuyers throughout California. MBK Homes prides itself on its award winning customer satisfaction and its reputation for delivering quality housing that is innovative in design, comfort and craftsmanship, all at an excellent value. For more information, visit the company's website at

MBK Homes is a division of MBK Real Estate Ltd., the U.S. real estate development arm of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest corporations. MBK Real Estate's multidisciplinary concerns span a wide spectrum of real estate development, including homebuilding, retail and senior housing divisions.
MBK Real Estate Ltd. is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with regional offices in Portland, OR. Corporate offices are located at 175 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA 92618; phone (949) 789-8300; fax (949) 789-9300; or visit its Web site at

Posted on February, 19th 2010

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